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Roger's Astronaut Autographs

The Moonwalkers

(and a few who should have been)

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Apollo 11 InsigniaApollo 11

          Neil Armstrong                        Buzz Aldrin                               Michael Collins           

Apollo 12 InsigniaApollo 12

Charles 'Pete' Conrad             Pete Conrad at Surveyor                Alan Bean

Apollo 13 Insignia
Apollo 13

James Lovell & Fred Haise     James Lovell with President Nixon

Apollo 14 Insignia
Apollo 14

Alan Shepard                        Edgar Mitchell

Apollo 15 Insignia
Apollo 15

David Scott                    James Irwin               Apollo 15 Crew

Apollo 16 Insignia
Apollo 16

John Young                                     Charles Duke

Apollo 17 Insignia
Apollo 17

Gene Cernan           Harrison 'Jack' Schmitt        The Last Man on the Moon

July 20, 1969

Walter Cronkite and Wally Schirra

CBS Television Network

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